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CD112R - A New Immune Checkpoint Receptor for Nectin-2/CD112

 also included a comprehensive panel of Immune Checkpoint Proteins
TIGIT, VISTA, CD137L, TIM-3/Galectin-9, IDO,
CTLA-4, PD-1 and PD-1L

  • CD112R [PVRIG; Poliovirus receptor-related immunoglobulin domain-containing protein] is a new high affinity receptor of CD112/Nectin-2.
  • CD112R inhibits TCR-mediated signals upon binding to CD112/Nectin-2.
  • CD112R as a new regulator of the immune system may become a new attractive cancer immunotherapy target.

LIT: Y. Zhu, et al.; J. Exp. Med. 213, 167 (2016)


NEW & UNIQUE Immune Checkpoint Receptor CD112R
CD112R (mouse):Fc (human) (rec.) AG-40B-0170

  • CD112R (mouse):Fc (human) (rec.) binds to the ligand mouse CD112 (PVRL2; Nectin-2) with a EC50 of 5nM.
  • The extracellular domain of mouse CD112R (aa 28-165) is fused at the C-terminus to the Fc portion of human IgG1.
  • CD112R (mouse):Fc (human) (rec.) has a low endotoxin content of
    <0.01EU/μg protein (LAL test; Lonza) and is produced in HEK293 cells.


Binding of CD112R (mouse):Fc (human) (rec.) (AG-40B-0170) to Nectin-2/CD112 (mouse) (rec.). 

IDO1 (human) (Highly Active) Enzymatic Activity

Method: Nectin-2/CD112 (mouse) (rec.) is coated on an ELISA plate at 1µg/ml. CD112R (mouse):Fc (human) (rec.) (AG-40B-0170) or an unrelated receptor fused to Fc (Control) is incubated (starting at 80nM with a twofold serial dilution). After incubation for 1h at RT, the binding is detected using an HRP-labeled anti-human Fc antibody. 


NEW RELEASE TIGIT (human):Fc Protein
TIGIT (human):Fc (human) (rec.) AG-40B-0162

  • TIGIT [T cell immunoreceptor with Ig and ITIM domains] is a novel member of the immunoglobulin super family (IgSF).
  • TIGIT and CD226 bind the same ligands, PVR and CD112 and compete for each other.

Reviews: N.A. Manieri, et al.; Trends Immunol. 38, 20 (2017) (Review) | X.G. Liu, et al.; Immunol. Invest. 46, 172 (2017)


NEW RELEASE Potent Fc:CD137L [4-1BBL] Protein
Fc (human):CD137L, Soluble (human) (rec.) AG-40B-0173

  • CD137L/4-1BBL by binding to its receptor CD137 [4-1BB] functions as positive checkpoint regulator.
  • CD137L/4-1BBL is involved in tumor rejection, apoptosis, anti-viral immunity and diabetes. 

Review: B. Dharmadhikari, et al.; Oncoimmunology 5, e1113367 (2015)

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NEW VISTA [B7-H5]:Fc Protein
VISTA [B7-H5] (mouse):Fc (human) (rec.) AG-40B-0164

  • VISTA is a new negative checkpoint regulator that potently suppresses T cell activation. 
  • VISTA on APC delivers negative signaling to T cells via a yet-to-identify binding partner on T cells.

LIT: J. Deng, et al.; J. Immunother. Cancer 4, 86 (2016) (Review) | T. Ohno, et al.; J. Invest. Dermatol. (Epub ahead of print) (2017)

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HIGHLY ACTIVE TIM-3 and Galectin-9:Fc Proteins
Galectin-9 (human):Fc (human) (rec.) CHI-HF-210GAL9
Tim-3 (human):Fc (human) (rec.) CHI-HF-210T3
Tim-3 (mouse):Fc (mouse) (rec.) CHI-MF-110T3

  • Galectin-9 induces apoptosis of T cells by binding to T cell immunoglobulin mucin domain 3 (Tim-3).
  • Tim-3/Galectin-9 play important roles in infectious disease, autoimmunity and cancer. 

LIT: S.N. Kim, et al.; Immune Netw. 15, 241 (2015) | I. Goncalves Silva, et al.; Oncoimmunology 5, e1195535 (2016)

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HIGHLY ACTIVE IDO1 Enzyme & Potent Inhibitors
IDO1 (human) (rec.) (His) (highly active) AG-40B-0161
IDO1 (human) Enzyme+Inhibitor Set AG-44B-0006
MMG-0358 AG-CR1-3630
Epacadostat AG-CR1-3634

  • Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) is a heme enzyme that catalyzes the first and rate-limiting step in the main pathway of tryptophan catabolism, the kynurenine pathway.
  • IDO is an inhibitory immune checkpoint protein with roles in antimicrobial and antitumor defense, neuropathology, immunoregulation and antioxidant activity.


Activity assay figure of IDO (human) (rec.) (His) (highly active) (AG-40B-0161).

IDO1 (human) (Highly Active) Enzymatic Activity

Method: IDO (human) has been tested with a protocol using catalase (see our website). The specific activity has been calculated to be >100’000U/mg protein with L-tryptophan as substrate (one unit is defined as the amount of enzyme that produces 1nmol of N-formylkynurenine (NFK) per hour). Compared to the IDO1 enzyme offered by competitors the AdipoGen IDO1 shows 100-500times higher activity.

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Active Human & Mouse Immune Checkpoint Proteins

B7-H4 (human):Fc (human) (rec.) CHI-HF-210B7H4
B7-H4 (mouse):Fc (mouse) (rec.) CHI-MF-110B7H4
CTLA-4 (human):Fc (human) (rec.) CHI-HF-210A4
CTLA-4 (human):Fc (human) (rec.) (non-lytic) CHI-HF-220A4
CTLA-4 (human):Fc (mouse) (rec.) CHI-HF-211A4
CTLA-4 (mouse):Fc (mouse) (rec.) CHI-MF-110A4
CTLA-4 (mouse):Fc (mouse) (rec.) (non-lytic) CHI-MF-120A4
PD-1 (human):Fc (human) (rec.) CHI-HF-210PD1
PD-1 (human):Fc (human) (rec.) (non-lytic) CHI-HF-220PD1
PD-1 (mouse):Fc (mouse) (rec.) CHI-MF-110PD1
PD-L1/B7-H1 (human):Fc (human) (rec.) CHI-HF-210PDL1
PD-L1/B7-H1 (human):Fc (human) (rec.) (non-lytic) CHI-HF-220PDL1
PD-L1/B7-H1 (mouse):Fc (mouse) (rec.) CHI-MF-110PDL1
PD-L1/B7-H1 (mouse):Fc (mouse) (rec.) (non-lytic) CHI-MF-120PDL1
PD-L2 (human):Fc (human) (rec.) CHI-HF-210PDL2
PD-L2 (human):Fc (human) (rec.) (non-lytic) CHI-HF-220PDL2
PD-L2 (mouse):Fc (mouse) (rec.) CHI-MF-110PDL2

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